IT Support in Oxford

October 17, 2021
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Michael Knowles
IT Support in Oxford

Your entire business relies on information technology to operate, which is why when choosing IT support in Oxford, you need a company that is always there when you need them and one you can trust with your business.

Collaborative IT have been serving Oxfordshire businesses for more than 20 years. Since the year 2000, businesses in the South East have trusted us with IT support, Cloud support as well as IT consultancy, disaster recovery and much more.

The cost of IT downtime costs UK businesses around £3.6 million every year.

As one of the best IT support companies in Oxford, Collaborative IT pride themselves on building relationships with businesses. With clients across the UK with businesses big and small, we ensure every business never faces the daunting prospect of an IT system going down in the middle of the day. We use our experience and expertise to minimise any form of downtime whether from malicious viruses and malware to technical faults.

IT Services in Oxford

Businesses in Oxford trust Collaborative IT with their business information technology, safe in the knowledge we will always be there when they need support. We are proud to offer every IT service any small or large business could need, including:

Offering both remote and on-site support in Oxfordshire, we can assist in anyway your business requires. From help with hardware and IT setup to fixing issues remotely and immediately, we are the ideal local IT support company to choose to take care of your business.

IT downtime is estimated to lose UK businesses 545 hours of productivity every year.

With IT downtime costing UK businesses enormously every year, Collaborative IT ensure your businesses doesn’t add to that statistic. With over 20 years of experience and expertise, we know how to minimise downtime to ensure your business continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

Peace of mind is priceless and knowing that we are always there to assist should you need us is why so many businesses choose Collaborative IT as their managed IT support partner.

Take a look at our Lost Revenue Calculator to work out exactly how much your business is losing due to your current IT setup and see how much we could help save you.

IT Consultancy in Oxford

For expert IT consultancy in Oxford without the jargon, turn to Collaborative IT. We work with businesses of all sizes, with all kinds of IT systems and with all kinds of knowledge to help to ensure your businesses is making the most of the IT system.

We find many businesses don’t have an IT strategy in place and it’s this IT strategy that could ensure you’re not spending more than you have to while also getting the most out of your IT setup.

A lot of the time, businesses are truly unaware of the system they have in place and that can lead to paying over the odds for your use case and even not having the correct IT system in place for your business needs.

As leading IT consultants in Oxford and the South East, Collaborative IT can conduct an IT systems review and advise on how best to make the most of your current setup or what can be done to make your businesses function even better.

IT project consultancy

We can also consult on IT projects such as moving your phone system to VoIP or moving to a Cloud-based server setup. If you have been considering a new IT project but don’t know where to start, we can be your perfect partner to help put any new IT project in place.

Our IT project consultation includes:

And if your business is running perfectly find with the setup you have, we’ll let you know. It’s this trust and honesty we have built with businesses over the last 20 years that make us the most trusted IT consultants in Oxford.

Managed IT Services

You’re busy running your business and that’s where your time is best spent. Managing your IT systems and fixing problems shouldn’t be your problem and that’s where Collaborative IT come in to help.

IT problems can be a read headache and take up a large amount of time, time that could be spent elsewhere in your business and that could be costing your business revenue.

With managed IT services in Oxford, we can look after your entire IT setup for you, so you have peace of mind that everything will continue to run smoothly, no matter what happens.

What is Managed IT Services?

Think of us as your own personal IT department, but with some additional advantages. Instead of having to hire an IT support team and pay their salaries, you hire us for a much more affordable fee to do the exact same work.

Businesses turn to Collaborative IT for a more efficient and cost-effective way to keep their business running. Our proactive support across yoru entire IT infrastructure means downtime and issues are kept to a minimum. Any potential problems we identify we fix immediately so you don’t notice any change in the efficiency of your setup.

The cost of choosing a managed IT services company like us far outweighs the cost your business could face should anything happen to your IT systems.

Why choose Collaborative IT?

Collaborative IT have been supporting businesses in Oxford and the South East for more than 20 years. Companies choose Collaborative IT for the peace of mind we offer any size business, giving them the confidence to continue to achieve commercial success without having to worry about their IT systems.

In the same way that we ask a mechanic to fix our cars, IT systems require specialist knowledge to ensure everything is running the way it should. And just like cars, if your IT systems fail, your business won’t be going anywhere fast.

Collaborative IT are the specialists that work with you to support the smooth running of your business. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do and our first-class services is rivalled by no one else.

It’s our unique approach to IT support that keeps our customers referring us to other businesses. The companies we look after are happy with the support we provide and we are humbled to receive a multitude of recommendations, which demonstrates the affect we have.


As an IT support company that offers a wide range of services from consultancy to VoIP setup, we are the only IT company any small, medium or large business would ever need to deal with. This gives businesses the convenience of having just one IT partner to connect with.

One company to support your IT systems, advise on IT projects and to ensure your business continues to run smoothly as you grow and adapt. Instead of having separate companies to deal with for emails, VoIP, support and every other service you require, choose Collaborative IT who can do all this and so much more all for you.

We are easy to contact at any time, either via email or phone. We have no call centres and no long wait times, if you need us we are there and answer any queries you may have in a timely manor.

Choosing Collaborative IT is like having your very own IT department, working within your business to keep all things technology running so your business and keep running, too.


With experience comes expertise and Collaborative IT are leading the way. We are always up to date with the very latest technology and trends to be able to best advise as required and to update and upgrade and IT systems as required.

Technology is always changing and over the past 20 years we’ve seen an enormous evolution over the way businesses use IT. With traditional UK phone lines set to be turned off in the near future, we have helped a large number of businesses move to VoIP, way before the deadline, to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.

Partnering with Collaborative IT means you’ll have the very best IT support available, always there when you need it. This peace of mind gives you confidence to push your businesses forwards, safe in the knowledge that you have the support behind you to look after your IT while you focus on your progress.


The single most important part when choosing IT support is trust. Knowing you have the support you need at any time, knowing your business is in safe hands and knowing that everything is being done to proactively look after and ensure the continued running of your company.

Collaborative IT has been built on trust since day one. Since we launched in the year 2000, businesses trust Collaborative IT to look after their business IT infrastructure so they can get on with running their business.

We don’t use jargon and we never try to sell what is unnecessary. It’s this continued trust with our clients that have giving us our own unique selling point and one that continues to reward us 20 years on. With every business we work with, we build a relationship with a foundation of trust.

If you’re looking for IT support in Oxford, the South East or beyond, know that you will be in safe hands with Collaborative IT. We are a company run by people, for people, one that is always approachable, friendly and reliable at any time.

If you’d like to find out more about us or would simply like a friendly chat to discuss how we can help, please feel free to call us on 01844 318131 or send us an email via We offer free no obligation initial consultations. We look forward to hearing from you!

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