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What is the Cloud ?

In its simplest terms the Cloud is a remote IT network. All your data is held remotely and therefore voids the need for a physical location for your network (i.e. Server and/or hard drive)

One of the clouds most appealing features is its increased agility over traditional solutions. If you have employees working remotely in the UK and worldwide, the cloud offers the ability to work faster, easier and cheaper. You pay per user, per month.

Many businesses are switching to the cloud. It is cost efficient and there is the knowledge that there may not be a need to buy a physical server again. However we at Collaborative IT, believe you should be able to pick and choose the cloud services that best suit your business processes, whilst being mindful of regulatory issues and provider survival; that’s where we’re here to help.

Collaborative IT offers a range of cloud services depending on your specific business needs. We can help you choose the right range of services, whether that be email, storage, traffic or security settings to meet your exact needs.

We provide valuable expertise across all things cloud, including: Designing for scale; monitoring; responding to alerts; and running your cloud environments operations and administration.

We'll talk you through the 3 flavours of cloud, how they compare and what will work best for your business. Whether that is Public Cloud (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or AWS), Private Cloud or a combination of the two as Hybrid Cloud.

“They have strong technical skills but importantly understand the commercial considerations of their clients”
– Frederic de Ryckman de Betz, Attic Self Storage, London

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