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Your website is much more than just a way for potential customers to find you, it's your shop window and first point of contact with leads. In just a few seconds, your website visitors judge your website based on how easy it was to find, how it looks and how it performs. But they're not just judging your website, they're comparing it to your competitors.

At Collaborative IT, we understand just how important a website is. A website needs to reflect your business in terms of your services, standards but also customer experiences. If a customer has a negative experience on a website, that negative experience is extended to the brand as well.

A successful website is much more than just being found and generating leads. It's about making your website far better than any of your competitors and truly unforgettable meaning your leads have no other option but to enquire.

Bespoke design suited to your needs

Every business is different and so every website should be as well. Our team of highly experiences website designers will design and build you a truly unique website that will stand out amongst your competitors on a truly competitive digital landscape.

All of our websites are crafted from scratch. We never use templates so you can be sure your website is truly one of a kind. Having a unique website will mean you business will be truly memorable and not rely on a 'one-size-fits-all' design.

Fast & SEO-friendly as standard

It's one thing having a beautiful website, but another being found. Our websites are built with SEO in mind meaning the code we use is light and easy for search engines to crawl. This gives you the ideal base to build your own content and on-page SEO to increase your chances of ranking highly.

All of our websites are fast as standard by utilising Amazon Web Services and Fastly, the same setup as large corporations. This ensures lightning-fast load times whether you're on desktop or mobile.

Why web design matters

A DIY website builder may seem like the cheap and easy option, but it's not a route we could recommend. Website builders tend to create slow, bloated code, which in turn affects page speed and therefore SEO. We prefer to build from scratch and offer a tailored experience to all our customers to give them the best possible chance of succeeding online.

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