Lost Revenue Calculator

Lost Revenue Calculator

What does it really cost your business to NOT have good quality IT support?

It’s easy in the day-to-day madness of running a business to miss how much time (and therefore money) you are really spending sorting out your business’s IT systems.

Data loss and downtime costs the UK £10.5 billion per year up 400% since 2012.*

When you think that a server that needs rebooting once a week can easily add up to £1,000’s of lost time for your employees and add to that 87% of UK businesses have inadequate or no disaster recovery plan, its not such an eye-watering figure.

Find out how much your current IT provision and support is costing your business and talk to us about how we can help get more from your IT.

*EMC Global Data Protection Index, conducted by Vanson Bourne,

Your Business

This could include the time spent choosing IT equipment, fixing user issues or reconfiguring servers
Maybe your systems have to be shut down for an hour a week for essential maintenance or perhaps you regularly have to reboot things to get your systems working
This is the total number of staff with access to your IT systems.
Fee earners are anyone who directly sells their time to clients e.g. Solicitors or Accountants.
Work out and average hourly rate so you can see how much your downtime costs your business.

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