Email Scam warning: Company Investigations Inquiry Report ID

May 31, 2021
December 20, 2016
Written by
Michael Knowles

If you have received an email with claiming to be from Investigations and Enforcement Services please delete it.

The email sends you to a site with the intention of getting you o download a Javascript payload which will attempt to infect your machine.

The full text of the email is as below:

Company Investigations Inquiry Reminder

We have received criticism about your company which insinuates corporate abuse.

This may involve:

Causing meaningful harm to customers, suppliers, etc.
Breaking the law, e.g. fraud
Serious misbehavior, e.g. company supplies have not been used correcly
Having a significant impropriety in its affairs.
As part of this procedure we have made our own background analysis and if it happens to be in the public interest, we can apply to the court to wind up the company and stop it trading.

Your Inquiry Number: RANDOM CODE

Also if the behavior of the director(s) who run the company is suspicious enough, we can start proceedings to disqualify them from managing a limited company for a time span up to 15 years.

The investigation can give us details that we can pass to another regulatory body that has more appropriate powers to deal with any concerns the investigation uncovers.

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